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Video Production

Sharing the great news of Jesus Christ...

CTA has the vision to make top class television programmes which share the 'great news' of Jesus Christ. We have filmed world-wide  - some 40 countries - producing award winning videos showing the work of Christian missions. Our standards are broadcast standards, but we charge only a fraction of broadcast rates to Christian organisations so they can show their needs powerfully on video, demonstrate their work and encourage support and prayer.

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Have You Seen?

Over the years CTA has produced a number of award winning programmes which have had an impact upon those who watch them. Here are a few titles you may recognize:

  • Mama Luka Comes Home
    The compelling story of missionary doctor Helen Roseveare has become a well-known classic. When it was broadcast by the BBC, it created such interest that it was featured on Points of View. Filmed in the former Belgian Congo, the dramatic story of faith triumphing over severe adversity has encouraged Christians everywhere
  • So Who Is This Jesus?
    Filmed on location in Israel, it has been dubbed into 5 languages including Mandarin, Arabic, and Urdu, and distributed in over 6,000 British Schools. Many British churches bought hundreds of copies to give to neighbours during the millennium
    It is CTA’s greatest selling video ever with worldwide distribution.
  • Robber of the Cruel Streets
    The story of George Muller has stimulated the faith of millions of people around the world. CTA produced a drama documentary which tells the story of the man who prayed in over £100 million (current value) to finance the building of orphanages for thousands of Bristol’s orphans.
  • Video Workshop for the Depressed Christian
    CTA has always aimed to provide programmes that help and encourage believers. Depression is a subject little talked about, and often misunderstood. This series of 4 seminars has had a huge impact upon those watching it.
    UCB UK broadcast the series regularly and according to their Programme Manager it generates more interest than any other programme.

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